Welcome to our Client Lounge! We’ve crafted a space just for you, guiding you through our Photography and Cinema investment options. Each of our packages is designed with care in either photography or videography, ensuring you receive nothing but the best. Our approach is all about specialization – we offer these services separately to guarantee the highest quality. If you’re looking to capture your moments in both photo and video, simply select a package from each category. This way, your special day gets the dedicated attention and expertise it truly deserves.

We’re available to talk with you or your planner, as much as necessary, to see that your wedding is captured right. Leading up to the wedding, we’ll collaborate with you to see that your priorities are fully honored. We’ll review the timeline and discuss any concerns well in advance of your wedding day.

Your only job will be to soak it all in. We’ll use our experience to flex with any shift in plans. And we will create those picture-perfect moments without pulling you out of them.

Dive into our two crafted custom photography collections to capture every heartfelt moment and intricate detail of your special day.

+ 10 hours Wedding Day Coverage

Full-day coverage ensuring every precious moment is captured, from the preparations to the evening festivities.

+ 2 hours Pre or Post Wedding Coverage

Capturing all the candid moments

+ Two Photographers

To ensure no moment is missed.

+ Welcome Package and Personal Consultation

Be fully prepared with our wedding guide

+ Edited Images

800+ hand-edited high-resolution images, with a selection delivered within 48 hours for immediate sharing.

+ A private online gallery

For easy sharing and download with loved ones. The final Gallery will be ready within 8-10 weeks

+ Travel and accommodation fees included

for destinations within Europe that are well-connected by direct flights and transportation. ( Add. fees apply for small islands without airports)

Your Investment

7.900 €

Additional hour of coverage

Aerial Pictures

Amazing Drone pictures from your venue

and the landscape

Extra Day Coverage up to 2h

Planning a welcome dinner or brunch party?

2h Engagement/Civil Wedding

Heirloom Wedding Album

Beautifully handmade in the USA

Fine Art Prints

350 €

350 €

900 €

1500 €

starting at 2500 €

On request



Watching your own wedding film will be an experience you won’t see coming. In preparation leading up to your wedding day, we’ll work for hours to create a rough concept for your wedding film based on your story and the venue you chose. On the day, we’ll record your wedding vows and all speeches to give your film the narrative that is uniquely yours. We personalize your wedding film to the highest quality with the utmost love and care, which takes time for the turnaround. That’s why you are able to add on our signature trailer, which you’ll receive within three weeks after your wedding to sweep your guests off their feet!

+ 10 hours of wedding day coverage

Full-day coverage ensuring every precious moment is captured, from the preparations to the evening festivities.

+ One videographer

capturing every significant moment.

+ Highlightfilm (5-7 min.)

A cinematic highlight film that encapsulates the essence of your day

+ Welcome Package

Be fully prepared with our wedding guide

+ Concept design

concept for your wedding film based on your story and the venue you chose

+ Voice recordings

of vows and editing into the narrative

+ Drone coverage

amazing views of your venue and the landscape

+ Beautiful Online gallery

for viewing, downloading and sharing for one year with your loved ones

+ Travel and accommodation fees included

for destinations within Europe that are well-connected by flights and transportation. (Add. fees apply for small islands)

Your Investment

6.500 €

Additional hour of coverage

Extra Day Coverage up to 2h

Planning a welcome dinner or brunch party?

Trailer (ready within 3 weeks)

1min. cinematic Trailer or Instagram Reel

Extra video ‘All speeches’

Relive every speech on your wedding day

from your loved ones

Extra video ‘Complete ceremony’

Want to watch your whole ceremony

which will be more special to have in

many years to come

6min. Super8 Video

Want that amazing nostalgic

feel from your wedding day?

VHS footage

Want to spice up your video with

some 90s feeling?

350 €

900 €

850 €

1000 €

1000 €

650 €


Our ethos is based on transparency and open communication. If you have any questions about or beyond what’s written below, we are always happy to answer them.


We understand that the process of choosing the right vendors for your wedding day can take some time. During this decision-making process, we cannot reserve your date but we rely on transparent and honest communication with you.

In order to confirm your date, a retainer (30% of the accepted quote) is to be paid upon booking. The remainder is due four weeks prior to the wedding. You have time to choose your final add-ons that is relevant to your wedding day about 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding. No rush!


The artistic latitude is at the discretion of the photographer/videographer, as long as no other written appointments have been made. The customer has informed himself in advance about the style of the photographer/videographer.

We provide all processed images in JPG format. In doing so, we create a collection of color and black-and-white photos as we feel. We will have the final collection of photographs ready for you to view at latest 10 weeks after your wedding date. Each image is individually edited with great care, not something to be rushed. The same principle applies to your Wedding Film, which will be ready for viewing no later than 6 months after your wedding date, depending on the film’s length.


Our approach before, during and after the wedding is very much the same. We like to be a helping hand and support our couples where we can. We always help our couples with their wedding day timeline. Feel free to reach out to us anytime for help with this. We also are working close to all vendors for a seamless day.


Certainly, we understand that the topic of copyright and usage can be a little confusing at times and also be a nuanced matter, especially for such a deeply personal occasion. In legal terms, we, The Scheffs, hold the copyright to all the photographs and films we produce. Yet, we provide you with non-commercial rights to your own wedding photos and film(s). This means you are welcome to share these cherished memories with friends and family, as well as on your personal social media accounts, which we love to see. If you share online, we kindly ask you to tag/leave a copyright note (i.e.. Photos by The Scheffs) on each image/film that you post. Please do not change the photos or film (filters, cropping or any other modifications). If you wish to use the images for commercial purposes, a written permission from us is mandatory.

We may feature your images or film(s) in our professional portfolio, which may include our website, social media platforms or wedding publications. Don’t be worried about this, we approach this with the utmost sensitivity and respect for your privacy. We carefully curate the images that are displayed and avoid sharing any material that could be considered sensitive or too revealing. Our door is always open, if you feel like there is anything to chat about.

If, however, you have reservations about any level of public exposure, we offer exclusive rights (NDA) at an additional fee of 15%.


The prices within this Pricelist are current at the time of viewing. The Scheffs reserves the right to change and amend this Pricelist without notice at which point prices may change.

For the past couple of years, we have had the immense pleas­ure of telling people’s love stories. You are going to have a fun and seamless experience during the whole process by having us as capturing your wedding. We place qual­ity, creativ­ity and connection at the heart of everything. Exciting times lie ahead of you and we would be thrilled to become a part of your wedding team. Gathering professionals around you for your big day is going to make all the difference.


Bianca-Julia and Nassim